Interview with Oscar Fendler
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Now, what could you get at the commissary?


Oh, at the commissary you could get everything, at the Lee Wilson, now. I'm concentrating more on Lee Wilson and company, which was a little town in the South part of this county about twenty five, thirty miles from Blytheville. They had a company store there and they handled everything. You could start in and go in there and get all of your groceries. You could go in the drug section and buy your drugs. You could go to the dry goods section and buy dry goods, you know, because the women buying so many yards of calico or gingham or something like that or make their own. Or underwear or suits or trousers. Mostly overalls, of course. Like now they've become fashionable, you know, wearing the denims. Of course, then that's all they had, were denim stuff. And you name it and you could get it there. In fact, if you died they'd lay you out there, the casket there and sell you the casket and the whole thing. Everything was just, you had a one, one store place there. Very kept in real nice shape and very attractive displays at the Wilson. That wasn't true maybe in the other, maybe thirteen, fourteen plantations in the county. They'd have it on a lesser scale with a lesser bit, but they all followed the same procedure that I'm talking about here.