Interview with Raymond Haight
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Good. Tell me about going to the movies, in the '30s. Was it an exciting thing, did you like going to the movies?


I went to the movies every Saturday afternoon. The movies cost tencents, and you had at least two serials, you had at least two movies that you'd see. The westerns were the most popular. I can remember Tom Mix, and all of the various famous movie stars from way back, can't remember the names anymore, but I can remember the pleasure of watching one western after another where they shot 'em up. Then there were different horror films that were serials, which you'd always end up with somebody hanging by the end of the rope, 'bout tenstories up. So there was always, but I, the movie, the theater was about ten blocks from our house, down on Fairfax and Beverly, and I remember that lovely walk every day to it, being in that movie for about three or four hours, and coming out at five or six. Every single Saturday, I couldn't wait till I went to the movies. Now later on, my father and mother, who couldn't go to movies in the 1920s, they were Methodists who didn't even drink malted milk on Sunday, began to take us to movies, and we went to movies every Thursday night. One of my father's best friends was, dated movie stars, and occasionally at our dinner table someone like Jean Harlow would suddenly show up, and of course this caused great excitement, not only for me, but my mother, and so forth.