Interview with Evelyn Smith Munro
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Evelyn Smith Munro, take two up.

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Another dramatic event during the 1936 strike, the sharecropper strike, was the disappearance of one of our most active organizers, a man named Frank Weems. He had not been seen for some time, and the fear and almost certainty was that he had been killed, and his body thrown into the bayou. This was a very difficult time for everyone because there was fear and there was sorrow, and although I didn't know him he could have been any one of the people that I did know well, the black men that I had gone on trips with, that I had learned to know and respect. So I felt pretty devastated. We later found out that perhaps he was still alive. I went on a trip looking in Illinois because he had heard that, but it was a very bad time for all of us.