Interview with Evelyn Smith Munro
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Great. Can you describe H.L. Mitchell?


Well I have described H.L. Mitchell to myself and to others several times. I knew him at many different stages of his life. When he was quite young, I was twenty-one and he was not much older. I think he was under thirty when I arrived in Memphis. He was a very attractive, young, slim, boyish looking man with a block of hair that fell down over one eye. He had the vernacular of the South, the drawl. I'm not sure that he didn't learn to exaggerate it a little later on. He was kind. He made me feel at home. He was charming. He was very, very able and very, very dedicated. I think there wasn't anything else in the world as important to him as the union, and this continued, not only in his young years but later because he is a person that—if this interview was dedicated to anyone it should be dedicated to Mitch—because he was the person who kept us all together, who saved the letters, who wrote the people, who got in touch with libraries, who made a lot of things possible.