Interview with Evelyn Smith Munro
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Great. Can you tell me about the office environment? What did it feel like on a typical day?


Well the office was upstairs on a little street in Memphis. Dark entrance with a wooden stairway going up. I really remember its smell. I don't know why I remember smells, but I do. It always smelled like cabbage. There was a family upstairs at the end of the hall that played hillbilly music most of the time as well, and probably cooked cabbage. The office itself was two rooms, very full of tables and a typewriter or two, and we had an old Xerox machine. We called them mimeograph machines in those days. We also had a number of leaks. Whenever it rained we had to run for the buckets to put under the leaks. It was not the coziest of places but we spent a lot of time there, and I sat in smoke-filled rooms. Everyone would die at just the thought of it today, because whenever we had meetings and folks came in for meetings they smoked and they chewed. We also had spittoons, and we also had people spitting tobacco juice, and I guess there was a bit of snuff around and there were lots of cigarettes. I managed to survive during that whole time.