Interview with Evelyn Smith Munro
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Was there one planter who was worse than all the others, who would evict people without a second thought?


Yes, but I can't think of any one planter, but I can certainly think of one individual who was the villain of the piece and who certainly scared the Be-Jesus out of me, and that was Paul Peacher who was a Deputy Sheriff in, oh I've forgotten which county it was, but who also kept a farm in which arrested people and then kept them in peonage to work on the farm. He was later convicted, probably the only man in the USA ever convicted of peonage. I, in my youthful innocence and ignorance, volunteered to go down with another young woman and take some pictures of the farm so we'd have the goods on Paul Peacher. We did indeed go, and we parked outside the place and climbed the fence and went in. And walking down the path with my camera when who should appear but Paul Peacher with his gun who immediately wanted to know what we were doing there, and we said we were looking for a place for a picnic. He took my camera, took the film out, threw it away, threatened us with all sorts of things and saw that we got back in the car and left. He sort of represents to me the kind of person that was pretty bad.