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Author: De Berry, J. Fred.
Title: Official World's Fair march / by J. Fred De Berry.
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries

2010, Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries. Data are freely accessible.

Print source: Official World's Fair march / by J. Fred De Berry.
De Berry, J. Fred.

Phila., Pa. : published by J. Fred De Berry, c3c1903.
Subject terms:
Person - De Berry, J. Fred.
Meeting - Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 : Saint Louis, Mo.) Songs and music.
Topical - Piano music.
Topical - Marches (Piano)
Notes: For piano.
"As played by all the leading bands at St. Louis World's Fair".
"Dedicated by special permission to Hon. David R. Francis president St. Louis Exposition".
T.p. ill.: lithograph drawing paying tribute to the Louisiana Purchase, including three women dressed in allegorical costumes (France, America, Spain), two columns with cameos of Jefferson and Napoleon on the base, and buildings of the World's Fair in the background. In the lower center of the page is a photo of Hon. David R. Francis.
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