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Author: Main Author: Aycock, Alice - United States 1946
Title: Project entitled "The beginnings of a complex ..." (1976-77) : notes, drawings, photographs
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries
Print source: Project Entitled: The Beginnings of a complex
New York, LAPP Princess Press, 1977.
Subject terms:
Artist Keywords: Sculpture
Artist Keywords: drawings
Artist Keywords: photographs
Artist Keywords: documenta 1977
Sam Fox Keywords:
Library Keywords: Aycock, Alice
Library Keywords: Artists' preparatory studies -- United States
Notes: Title Description - From a major developer of the architectural metaphor, a visually compelling mix of drawings, notes, and photographs, highlighting the artist's performance-oriented process of planning and constructing sculptural works, as well as her literary and cinematic influences. The first in a series of false cities. References: Franklin Furnace Archive Artists Book Bibliography, 1977-1979. 29 June 2009 (
Physical Description - Stapled