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Authors : Main Author: Burns, Bill - Canada
Gould, Trevor - Canada
Vatnsdal, Mark - Canada 1961
Title: Urban fauna information station
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries
Print source: Urban Fauna Information Station
Montreal, Flock Gaggle Herd, 2003.
Toronto, in collaboration with Mercer Union, 2003.
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Subject terms:
Artist Keywords: Urban
Artist Keywords: Fauna
Artist Keywords: urban fauna
Artist Keywords: contemporary art
Artist Keywords: animals
Artist Keywords: art
Artist Keywords: artists book
Artist Keywords: cataloging/archiving
Artist Keywords: Toronto
Artist Keywords: Montreal
Sam Fox Keywords: Urban green space
Library Keywords: Photography, Artistic
Library Keywords: Urban animals -- Study and teaching -- Canada -- Pictorial works
Library Keywords: Nature study -- Canada -- Pictorial works
Library Keywords: Schools, Traveling -- Canada -- Pictorial works
Notes: Influences - William Blake, Ed Rucha
Artist Statement - This book documents the intrepid voyage of the three artists as they travel with the Urban Fauna Information Station (a modified Airstream trailer) from Montreal to Toronto in the summer of 2002. The books tells its story in photos, watercolours, words and floorplans. A collaboration by three artists.
Title Description - The Urban Fauna Information Station is made up of a travelling trio of artists observing and logging all manner of metropolitan animal life, from the goose lamp illuminating an apartment window to a butterfly collection at a nature lab and a person dressed in a gorilla suit. This book documents with photographs and no words, the Information Station's sojourn in Montreal and Toronto in the Summer of 2002. The images of ceramic cats, painted puppies, bottled specimens, and stuffed tigers, are complemented by watercolors and photographs depicting the curious scientific activities of this collaborative team. 29 June 2009 (
Physical Description - Photos and watercolours and text and floorplans