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Author: Main Author: Lewis, James - American 1982
Title: Market Life
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries

2008, Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries. Data are freely accessible.

Print source:
St. Louis, J. Lewis, 2004.
St. Louis, Washington University, 2004.
Subject terms:
Artist Keywords: Soulard market
Artist Keywords: Flip book
Sam Fox Keywords: Identity of place
Library Keywords: Artists' books
Library Keywords: Farmers' markets -- Missouri -- Saint Louis -- Pictorial works
Library Keywords: Soulard (Saint Louis, Mo.) -- Pictorial works
Notes: Artist Statement - The purpose of this book is to look at the variety of people who frequent Soulard Market in St. Louis, MO.  The pictures were taken every half hour, from when the market opened at 7 am until it closed at 4 pm, on a Saturday in late autumn.  This book attempts to capture the vibrancy, life and energy at one of the truly cosmopolitan places in St. Louis.
Title Description - Experience a single day at Soulard market. A place where the diversity of St. Louis is apparent and mingled. Two locations were chosen and photographs were taken on each space, on the hour from market open to close.
Physical Description - 3" x 6", Perfect bound, french fold, laser print, paper unknown, cover laser print on Japanese linen.