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Author: Main Author: Tong, Anthony - Chinese, Australia May 10, 1984
Title: Out and About: The Metro Link
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries

2008, Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries. Data are freely accessible.

Print source:
St. Louis, A. Tong, 2004.
St. Louis, Washington University, 2004.
Subject terms:
Artist Keywords: Transportation
Artist Keywords: City
Artist Keywords: Identity of place
Sam Fox Keywords: Personal voice
Sam Fox Keywords: Transportation
Library Keywords: Street-railroads -- Missouri -- Saint Louis -- Pictorial works
Library Keywords: Street-railroads -- Social aspects -- Missouri -- Saint Louis
Library Keywords: Artists' books
Notes: Influences - By observing the city and its transportation system through the perspective of an international student. Understanding and interpreting the city of St. Louis through its train system.
Artist Statement - Through a visual commentary, this book examines St. Louis through the path of its local train system, the Metrolink.  By observing the changing landscape from the east end to the west, passing through 28 stations, the Metrolink is not simply a transportation system, but displays the social issues the city of St. Louis face.
Physical Description - Typical Case-Board Book, french-fold book. Butter board cover, coated printing paper
General - Urban Books: Imag(in)ing St. Louis