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Author: Main Author: Nishio, Linda -
Title: R ² w : rec'reate to wisdom
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries

2008, Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries. Data are freely accessible.

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[Paramount, CA?], Linda Nishio, 1998.
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Library Keywords: Artists' books
Library Keywords: Centers for the performing arts -- California -- Los Angeles -- In art
Notes: Title Description - In this intriguing project, Nishio presents a series of abstracted figures and faces printed in shimmering bronze. On closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the images are constructed out of seating plans for stadiums and theaters. The title of each image reflects the maximum capacity of each space. The figures are iconic, evoking both robotic forms and the art of pre-industrial societies. 29 June 2009 (