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Author: Main Author: Surek, Dogan -
Title: Manhattan bus map
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries

2008, Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries. Data are freely accessible.

Print source:
Essen, Germany, Pinted Mayer, 1996.
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Library Keywords: Artists' books
Library Keywords: Buses -- In art
Notes: Title Description - This accordian-fold book depicts three couples, each of a different combination of genders, rendered in grotesque painterly style in shades of black, white, grey, and (for lips and nipples) bright red. The tongues of each couple meet in the folds of the book, and are collaged-in with sections of a Manhattan bus map. The map for each tongue represents a different bus line (From M1 through M60), but each map shows the same area of Manhattan around Central Park. 29 June 2009 (