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Author: Main Author: Ly Mai -
Title: Finding Conscious/Unconscious
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries
Print source: Finding Conscious/Unconscious
St. Louis, L. Mai, 2009.
Subject terms:
Artist Keywords: Walking / pedestrian life
Artist Keywords: personal voice
Artist Keywords: performance / actions
Sam Fox Keywords:
Library Keywords: Artists' books -- Missouri -- Saint Louis.
Library Keywords: Consciousness in art.
Library Keywords: Subconsciousness in art.
Library Keywords: Loss of consciousness -- In art.
Library Keywords: Pedestrians -- In art.
Notes: Influences - Firenze – Una Mappa Sensibile [Florence – A map of perception] Random Walk Christian Nicolas & Eyal Wiezman with essay by Mark Cousins
Artist Statement - This book is based on a documentation of one’s usual route from Delmar to Given’s Hall. The notion of the walk was to identify the conscious and unconscious reality. The walk is documented with songs, images, thoughts, and emotional responses at a given time.
Physical Description - Metal bind/laser print, Photo Matte Paper