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Author: Main Author: Anthony Prograis -
Title: Moundless
Digital Record: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries
Print source: Moundless
St. Louis, A. Prograis, 2009.
Subject terms:
Artist Keywords: Mounds
Artist Keywords: St. Louis
Artist Keywords: Boundary
Artist Keywords: Edges
Artist Keywords: Borders
Artist Keywords: History
Artist Keywords: Identity of Place
Artist Keywords: Industrialization / decay
Artist Keywords: Mapping
Artist Keywords: Documentation of Place
Sam Fox Keywords: History
Sam Fox Keywords: Identity of place
Library Keywords: Artists' books -- Missouri -- Saint Louis.
Library Keywords: Mounds -- Missouri -- Saint Louis -- Pictorial works.
Notes: Influences - I was primary influenced from my Architectural History 1 course; where the main discourse was palimpsest of different regions.
Artist Statement - The book represents where the mounds where located before the process of industrialization removed each mound from its location over time.
Physical Description - The book has an accordion fold binding, materials used; grey construction paper, laser cut chip board pieces, acetate, (Cover) chip board, Granes paper, sticky back. The core of the book is acetate and translucent stick back paper with aerial maps printed on one side. The round and oval shapes are laser cut pieces glued to the acetate, which represent the mounds. The case is chipboard covered with white grane paper.