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Speakers and Paper Topics

Speakers for the Symposium are listed below. Biographies are listed when available.

Austin Allen   bio
University of Houston-Downtown, History
”The Legacy of Substantive Due Process”

Adam Arenson
Yale University, History
“The Local Impact of the Dred Scott Case: 1857-2007”

The Hon. Duane Benton   bio
United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
“Lessons Learned from the Missouri Supreme Court’s Role in the Dred Scott Case”

Dennis Boman
St. Louis University, History
“Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas on the Founders and Slavery”

Alfred Brophy
University of Alabama Law School
“Realizing Reparations: Of Monuments and Memory”

Louis Gerteis   bio
University of Missouri-St.Louis, History
“The Legacy of the Dred Scott Case: The Uneven Course of Wartime Emancipation in Missouri”

Mark Graber   bio
University of Maryland Law School
“The Other Also Exists: John Brown and the Problem of Constitutional Evil”

Daniel Hamilton
Chicago-Kent Law School
“The Dred Scott Case, Emancipation, and the Rise of the Fifth Amendment”

Cheryl Harris   bio
University of California-Los Angeles, Law School
“Enforced Belonging: Race, Nation and Citizenship from Dred Scott to the Fourteenth Amendment”

Cecil Hunt, II   bio
John Marshall Law School
“No Right to Respect: Justice Taney, Dred Scott, and the Legacy of White Innocence”

Joseph G. Hylton   bio
Marquette University Law School
“From Taney to Hughes: Dred Scott in the United States Supreme Court, 1857-1934”

Lewis Perry,
St. Louis University, History
“Civil Disobedience and the Struggle Against Slavery”

Silvana Siddali  
St. Louis University, History
“Human Property”

Alexander Tsesis
University of Wisconsin Law School
"The Unalienable Core of Citizenship"

Lea VanderVelde   bio
University of Iowa Law School
“The Real Dred and Harriet Scott: Unsung Heroes in their Own Right(s)”

Leland Ware   bio
University of Delaware, Law and Public Policy
”Dred Scott and the Enduring Marks of Inferiority”

William Wiecek
Syracuse University Law School
“Emancipation and Equality: The Thirteenth Amendment and the Law of Personal Status”

Ken Winn   
State Archivist of Missouri and Deputy Secretary of State for Records Services

Michael Wolff   bio
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Missouri
"Race, Law, and the Struggle for Equality: Missouri Law, Politics, and the Dred Scott Case"
Thursday, March 1, 4 pm, Graham Chapel, Free and open to the public

Michael Zuckert   bio
University of Notre Dame, Political Science
“Legality and Legitimacy in the Dred Scott Decision”


Annette Gordon-Reed   bio
New York Law School

James Simon   bio
New York Law School

Eric Claeys  
Saint Louis University School of Law

Davison Douglas   bio
Marshall-Wythe Law School (College of William & Mary)

Michael Les Benedict   bio
Ohio State University

Paul Finkelman   bio
Albany Law School

Jack Greenberg   bio
Columbia Law School

Kevin Johnson   
University of California-Davis

Judicial Roundtable

Michael Wolff   bio
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Missouri

Richard Teitelman   bio
Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri

Stephen Limbaugh   bio
Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri

William Ray Price   bio
Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri

Mary Russell   bio
Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri

Laura Denvir Stith   bio
Judge, Supreme Court of Missouri

The Hon. Duane Benton   bio
United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit