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Additional Resources

Africana Library at Cornell University Lists Books, Interviews, Articles, Speeches, Videos/DVDs, and websites associated with the Civil Rights Movement

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute A museum and an Institute, the BCRI provides a forum for reflection, study and dialogue on matters related to civil and human rights.

Brown v. Board of Education  Presents the history of this significant case as well as additional resources

Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive A fully searchable database of digitized versions of rare and unique library and archival resources on race relations in Mississippi.

Civil Rights Address  Contains transcript of John F. Kennedy’s address on civil rights in addition to actual footage.

Civil Rights Digital Library  Digital Library from the University of Georgia which provides primary and educational materials on the civil rights movement from a variety of institutions, including Washington University's Eyes on the Prize collection.

Civil Rights Documentation Project  Has an in-depth time line as well as oral histories.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans Provides more firsthand accounts of the Civil Rights Movement

CORE What does CORE do now?

Jim Crow History Discusses how Jim Crow laws were created and relevant to American Life From the 1870s through the 1950s.

NAACP Present, past, and future of the NAACP

The Public in the Civil Rights Era Public Agenda looks back at public perception as history was being made.

Religion and the Civil Rights Movement Anthology of lesser known activists in the Civil Rights Movement

SNCC Discusses the SNCC and issues the organization was involved in
from 1960-1966

Voting Rights Act Timeline The American Civil Liberty Union gives important moments in the fight for suffrage from the eighteenth century to today

What is the SCLC? Gives history of the SCLC as well as famous members, past and present