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Third Draft of Asia, undated

Asia. In wave after wave, peoples flooded out from the heartland of Asia.   In the pre-literate world the sea of languages was protean, an unreformed elemental source.   Alexander's Gate stands like a door upon the chaos of the potential, of all that has not been recorded; just where the hero on the verge of his given godhead would invade and conquer the source not only the orgies of splendour and the controversy of Greek philosophers and the naked masters of Yoga but also a desolation in which the sound of armies rang.

The rage of passionate Love appeard to me to be a convulsion of the sea driven by storm winds or shaken by upheavals of the earth - itself an ocean of rock and fire.   War, love, and the poem - showings forth of the deepst forces and cleavings of Man's inner nature   In 1950 it was clear that America had become possesst with the demonic dream - it was a nightmare - of overcoming the ancient emprire of the Mongols that appeard in the inspired poetry of Mao Tse-tung.   Working with sections (in italics) from an article on Mao's poetry by Robert Payne which appeard in Horizon, and with quotes from Mao's poetry translated by Payne and consulting a bottle [fifth] of Cutty Sark, in An Imaginary War Elegy began to compose in terms of this obsessional war that today, sixteen years later, the more certainly has ravaged the sould and spirit of America   Haveing no philosophers, mindless, fighting not in the name of glory and power but for the dominance of a corporate capitalism, not searching out the wisdom of the East but seeking to destroy communist ideals - there will be no Hellenistic culture but only the desolation of spirit.