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June 30, 1965

Dear Elizabeth:

It was a pleasure to meet Maia and do a few things with her while she’s been here. As I’m sure you know she’s been staying in a "Sylvia’s" apartment in the E. 60’s. She’s about to go to Connecticut today, and then on to Montreal. She’ll tell you all about it—but she said to me on the phone this morning that’s she’s had a very good time and likes New York a lot, would even like to live here. She’s certainly been keeping busy and has seen all the main "sights" –don’t know how she can be so energetic and independent on the little she eats! We spent a most enjoyable evening with her—had dinner at the Waverly Inn and then drove to Brooklyn Heights where we walked on the promenade by the river and admired the Manhattan skyline—oh before that we drove to Staten Island across the new Verezano Bridge (which reminds everyone of the Golden Gate —it is handsome, but stupidly has no pedestrian walk)—then we went to a friends house on Hick’s St. to see a litter of new blue point kittens and their mother, and I think Maia enjoyed talking to Linda who’s a blooming architect herself—they’re having lunch together today.

Do you remember that quite long ago when you were telling me about the Bicos de Lacre in your letters I began to work on a poem in which I used word for word quotations from your letters? I sent you a rough copy once when it was still a mess. Well, I finally finished it and sent it with a batch of other poems to The New Yorker, and Howard now wants to print it—he took several others as well. Since it really amounts to an inadvertent collaboration on your part, and your descriptions of the birds is what made me want to write it—they’re what give it any distinction it may have, I think—it’s necessary to have your approval to print it I should think. Besides, Howard says that technically they ought to have permission to use your quotes. He’s going to put it into proof—since I said I was rather sure you wouldn’t object—but If you let me know it’s not o.k. I’ll withdraw it of course. Howard also wants me to add, under the title in parenthesis, "A Reply to Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil"— which I will do, if that’s all right with you. If there’s anything not factually correct—or anything at all you object to—maybe you would mark it on one of the enclosed copies and send it back? I say this with trepidation—but never mind, I mean it.

On Friday we’re off to Truro for about 10 days, where we will camp practically on the beach. We bought a new tent—our little old blue one is almost worn out and let’s the rain in. The new one is a teepee type with a sewn-in floor for the sleeping sections—has a sun shade which can double as a wind-break, or make an extra square "room" for cooking or playing chess or whatnot in stormy weather.

Love to you & Lota May (and Pearl)
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