The following students worked on encoding the Red Brush texts, without whom the project would not have been possible.
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Yanning WangYun KeScott Paul McGinnis
Sookja ChoXiaoqiao LingMaria Franca Sibau
Ryan GrimmZhen Liu

Washington University
Yanning Wang
Yanning Wang is a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese and Comparative Literature, presently writing a dissertation on women’s poetry of travel in late imperial China. She specializes in pre-modern Chinese literature and culture, women’s literature (especially poetry) and culture, and gender and religious studies. During the summer of 2007, as a fellow of the Humanities Digital Workshop, Yanning received formal training on digitizing texts in the humanities and contributed to the digital project Race and Children’s Literature in the Gilded Age. She has been working on the Red Brush digitization project since the spring of 2007.
Project time period: spring 2007 to present.

Sookja Cho
Sookja Cho is a Ph.D. Candidate in Chinese and Comparative Literature. Her research field includes women's literature, religious literature, cultural and literary relationship between China and Korea in Premodern times.
Project time period: September 2006 to February 2008.

Ryan Grimm
Ryan Grimm earned an MA at Washington University in East Asian Studies focusing on modern Chinese history and politics. He now spends his days reading modern Chinese literature surrounded by the sights and sounds of the American Deep South.
Project time period: fall 2007 to spring 2008.

Scott Paul McGinnis
Scott Paul McGinnis has an A.M. in East Asian Studies (2008) and an A.B. in International and Area Studies (2004), both from Washington University in Saint Louis. Scott's research interests include early and early-imperial Chinese historiography, Han dynasty archives and archivists, and the history of Chinese classical exegesis.
Project time period: summer 2008 to fall 2008.

Harvard University
Xiaoqiao Ling
Xiaoqiao Ling's field of interest is seventeenth-century Chinese literature. She is currently working on her dissertation on how performance and fictionality have been explored in one's fashioning of self experiences during the Manchu conquest.
Project time period: summer 2006

Maria Franca Sibau
Maria Franca Sibau is a Doctoral candidate in the East Asian Languages and Civilization Department at Harvard University. Her area of specialization is premodern Chinese literature, with a particular focus on seventeenth-century fiction. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation on the vernacular story collection Xingshi yan (Exemplary Words for the Ming). Her work on the Red Brush project was in connection with the course Literature and Arts A 63: Women Writers in Imperial China: How to Escape from the Feminine Voice, taught by professor Wilt L. Idema at Harvard.
Project time period: summer 2006 to fall 2006