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Aycock, Alice   Project entitled "The Beginnings of a Complex ..." (1976-77) : Notes, Drawings, Photographs

Bahney, Craig    Finding St. Louis

Barenz, Stephanie and Christine D’Epiro    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

Beamer, Stephanie    Progress

Beirne, Bill    A Pedestrian Blockade

Belmont, Cécile    Brandmauer : (Murs Aveugles)

Biemann, Ursula, Tom Burr, Mark Dion, and Christian Philipp Muller    Platzwechsel

Bismuth, Pierre    Alternance d'éclaircies et de Passages Nuageux L'après-midi

Blauvelt, Jennifer    Industry & Me

Bloch, Ricardo    Terremoto

Bohn, Robyn    You Sweetheart Nation

Botto, Gianfranco and Roberta Bruno    Something in the Sky

Brennan, Tim    Guidebook : Three Manoeuvres by Tim Brennan in London E1/E2

Brennan, Tim    Prospectus : A Manoeuvre

Brown, Rachel    The Adventures of Wally the Water Drop

Buren, Daniel    Ponctuations : Statue/Sculpture

Burns, Bill, Trevor Gould, and Mark Vatnsdal    Urban Fauna Information Station

Caesar, Vincent    City Faces

Carrier, Sarah    Washington University Recycling

Castro-Caratini, Fernando    No Place

Colmer, Roy    Doors N.Y.C

Colmer, Roy    Movie Houses N.Y.C.

Colmer, Roy    Trucks N.Y.C.

Colmer, Roy    W.T.C.

Compadre, Lilia    Colores: The Latino Landscape of St. Louis

Conrado, Colleen    (314) 768-2805

Contesti, Maria    Hurt Scapes

Cooper, Danika    Find: [St. Louis Public Art] scapes

Cosper, Craig    Imaging St. Louis

Costanzo, Jim    REPOhistory. The Lower Manhattan Sign Project : June 27, 1992-June 30, 1993

Crampton, Theresa    Off the Wall

Curnoe, Greg    Blue Book 8 : Dec

Damsgaard, Peter    Surveillance

Depaule, Jean-Charles    Bagages : La Mr Au Bout De La Rue (Cahier Marseillais)

Deseda, Roberto Jaime   Sewer

Dion, Mark    Field Guide to the Wildlife of Madison Square Park

Donovan, Anna    My City

Downsbrough, Peter    Densities

Downsbrough, Peter    En Place

Drake, Lisa    Sign(s)

Du, Jiang    Post

Dudzik, Matthew    Noisescape: Saint Louis Billboards

Durickas, Joseph    Forty Photographs

Elms, Anthony, Ed.    WhiteWalls No

Emke, Andrew    Those Left Out

Garcia, Emily    The Limitations of the Real

Giese, Tita    Berliner Allee

Gilbert, Sharon    A Nuclear Atlas

Gilbert, Sharon    Urban Renewal

Gordon, Peter    The Society Architect Ponders the Golden Gate Bridge, Oder, Wie Sie Kriegen Was Sie Nicht Verdienen

Gruppo A12 and Inzulza, Francisca    "N33° 51.917' E130° 47.808"

Gygi, Fabrice    Common Ground

Haas, Florian and Martin Schmidl    Greater Los Angeles

Haraldsson, Arni Rúnar    Projects on Vancouver Architecture and Landscape : Presentation House Gallery, January 7 to February 19, 1995

Harkema, Lindsay    St. Louis Linkscape

Harper, Jana and Zeuler Lima    Urban Books: Water / Asphalt; A Collection of Artists' Books from a Cross-Disciplinary Course

Harper, Jana and Zeuler Lima    Urban Books : City as Image

Hastenteufel, Sandra     Eine Phänomenologie des Gartengedankens : der Garten des Hospitalhofs : Konzeption zur Umgestaltung = Phenomenology of the Concept of the Garden : the Garden of the Hospitalhof : Conception for an Alt

Heming, Jared    The Battle for St. Louis

Hernandez, Anthony    Pictures for Rome

Hoffman, Sandra and Christoph Staehli    Stadtplan : Dreiundvierzig Typographische Bauprojekte (Citymap: Forty Three Typographic Construction Projects)

Horvath, Matthew    Edge

Hsieh, Ya-Ju and Hsin Yi Chiu    You Deserve More

Huber, Uschi     Autobahn

Huber, Uschi    Ohio No. 4

Huber, Uschi and J.M. Arsath Ro'is     Ohio No. 10

Hux, Matthew    Wetropolis

Kaspareit, Toni    A Remote Rebuilding: Afgan (land)scape in St. Louis

Koch, Lewis     [Totems] 1, 2, and 3

Kopystiansky, Svetlana    El Jardí : Dobles Vides : Barcelona 1999

Kovitz, Rob    Death Wish, Starring Charles Bronson, Architect

Kwon, Miwon    One Place After Another : Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity

Lehrer, Warren    Crossing the Blvd : Strangers, Neighbors, Aliens in a New America

Lewis, Aaron    Vanished scapes: St. Louis

Lewis, James    Market Life

Longenderfer, Adria    Betweenscapes

Lutz, Jessica    St. Louis Colorscapes

Mackenna, Tracy    Bulk

Martinez, Daniel J.    The Things You See When You Don't Have a Grenade!

Mathews, Joan    Portrait of a Neighborhood : 14th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues and Environs, New York City, November 1975 - December 1978

Meador, Clifton    Memory Lapse

Mehta, Kamya    [Time]scapes

Meredith, Michael    A Formal Comparison between Highway Interchanges & Waterslides

Micheel, Stefan and Hans Winkler    Paint the Town Red (Blue)

Micheel, Stefan and Hans Winkler    Paint the Town Red (Silver)

Micheel, Stefan and Hans Winkler    Paint the Town Red (White)

Miller, Jim    Compulsive Viewing : A Bookwork

Miners, Hilary    [Their]scapes

Miskell, Brad    Rouen : Machine Itinérantes, Futurs Intermitents = Touring Machines, Intermittent Futures

Morgan, Sara    Radiation

Moser, Claudio    Arakanga

Muntadas, Antonio    Muntadas : On

Muntadas, Antonio    Media Stadium

Muntadas, Antonio    Standard : Específico = Spécifique = Specific

Muntadas, Antonio    Panem et Circenses

Muntadas, Antonio    Trabajos Recientes

Neemann, Lindsay    The End of the Line

Neilson, Heidi    Another Attempt to Map Space

Nicolai, Olaf    Bubblegram : A Street Surfing Painting

Nicolai, Olaf    Diário : Porto, 03.-10.06.2001

Nicolas, Christian and Eyal Weizman    Random Walk

Nishio, Linda    R ² w : Rec'reate to Wisdom

Novakov, Anna    Carnal Pleasures : Desire, Public Space and Contemporary Art

O'Shea, Matthew    Stay With Me

Patterson, Tony    La Montagna

Paulman, Courtney    Intersections

Petrie, Hillary    Cityedge/ Wateredge

Pfeffer, Jessica    Hidden Waterscape

Phalin, Brad    Future City

Phalin, Brad    The New Tourism

Ponsi, Andrea    Firenze : Una Mappa Sensibile = Florence : A Map of Perceptions

Potts, Rebecca    Share the Road

Priest, Beth    Riverscape/ [inter]sections

Rizo, Tomas    Exploring Commonalities

Robin, Aaron    9 Foot Channel/ Superpave 125

Rotolo, Charles    St. Louis Flood Wall

Saint-Loubert, Jérôme Bié    [Irrégulomadaire]

Sligh, Clarissa T    Voyage(r) : A Tourist Map to Japan

Smith, Bob    We Spy USA

Spector, Jessica    STLeatlinks

Steyer, Jodi    The Wasted City

Stock, Jesse    Do You Think about the War?.

Stokes, Telfer and Helen Douglas    Real Fiction : An Inquiry into the Bookeresque

Stokes, Telfer    8 Minutes

Stokes, Telfer    Song of the Thrush

Stover, Michael    Pieces of Chouteau Island

Streuli, Beat    Beat Streuli : City

Surek, Dogan    Central Mistake

Surek, Dogan    Manhattan Bus Map

Surek, Dogan    Welcome to New York

Surek, Dogan    What a beauty

Survant, Tyler    Water + Gambling = Asphalt

Sutton, Charmaine    Under the Label

Swanson, Jenny    Perpetual Motion

Tailor, Rajeev    1904

Tajzer, Alexei    No History Only Future

Tamm-Seitz, Aleksander    The Virtual Search For Water and Asphalt

Templin, Susa    3 Feet 6 Inches Deep

Tilson, Jake    The Terminator Line

Tong, Anthony    Out and About: The Metro Link

Tottie, Sophie    For the Vicinity of Concord

Tracey, Jessica    Along the River

Tribe, Kerry    North is West/South is East : 32 Maps of Los Angeles

Tsai, Cindy Ying and Cassandra Hamrick    Co-Act

Tunnell, Wesley    5 Miles

Welch, Adam Anthony    Infinite Reconstruction : The Handmade Bricks of Adam Welch

Wolff, Claire    [Lens]scape

Woods, Clare    Cold Spot

Zapletalová, Veronika    Rourouni

Zelevansky, Paul    The Shadow Architecture at the Crossroads Annual 19__

Zubeil, Francine    Hors de Contenance

Multiple Authors    3 Acres on the Lake : DuSable Park Proposal Project / essays by Laurie Palmer, Patricia Phillips, Christopher Robert Reed ; proposals by 64 participants.

Multiple Authors    Designing the High Line : Ideas for Reclaiming 1.5 Miles of Manhattan : Winners and Selected Entries

Multiple Authors    Irrégulomadaire

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