2005 Water/Asphalt

Beamer, Stephanie    Progress

Brown, Rachel    The Adventures of Wally the Water Drop

Castro-Caratini, Fernando    No Place

Conrado, Colleen    (314) 768-2805

Deseda, Roberto Jaime   Sewer

Donovan, Anna    My City

Garcia, Emily    The Limitations of the Real

Heming, Jared    The Battle for St. Louis

Horvath, Matthew    Edge

Hux, Matthew    Wetropolis

Morgan, Sara    Radiation

O'Shea, Matthew    Stay With Me

Paulman, Courtney    Intersections

Petrie, Hillary    Cityedge/ Wateredge

Rizo, Tomas    Exploring Commonalities

Robin, Aaron    9 Foot Channel/ Superpave 125

Survant, Tyler    Water + Gambling = Asphalt

Sutton, Charmaine    Under the Label

Tamm-Seitz, Aleksander    The Virtual Search For Water and Asphalt

Tracey, Jessica    Along the River

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